Black Codher Bootcamp has partnered with Goldman Sachs to recruit 10 aspiring Black women coders to take part in a Goldman Sachs sponsored bootcamp. Upon completion of the bootcamp these women will have the chance to join Goldman Sachs Engineering in Birmingham for a 6-month internship. The Black Codher Bootcamp was formed out of a collaborative partnership between Niyo Network and Coding Black Females as an initiative aimed at engaging, encouraging, and recruiting more Black women to take up rewarding tech-focused careers.

The partnership with Goldman Sachs will support 10 Black Codhers on a 30-week long full-stack development bootcamp. The aim of the programme is to build individuals’ technical skills across software programming and development and set them up for successful careers within tech. 


Hauwa Ottun, Project Lead, Black Codher, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Goldman Sachs to empower the next generation of Black female talent into the tech industry. These 10 women will gain access to mentorship from Goldman Sachs professionals to ensure the women are fully immersed in a learning experience that empowers them. They will also be supported in securing their dream roles.


We have upskilled over 100 women since March 2020 through our Black Codher bootcamp and are excited that many women who would have been otherwise unemployed or in low skilled employment can now move on to work in companies like Goldman Sachs to continue to provide innovative solutions for the Engineering industry”.


“Goldman Sachs Birmingham is thrilled to be sponsoring the Black Codher Bootcamp in partnership with Niyo Network and Coding Black Females. Diversity and social mobility continue to be key focuses for the firm and it’s our pleasure to be empowering these women on their transition into technical careers. The intention of our Birmingham office is to tap into the wealth of engineering talent in the region, now we are excited to be part of expanding the ecosystem here too.” – Gurjit Jagpal (Managing Director, Head of Goldman Sachs Birmingham)


Black women remain heavily underrepresented in STEM fields. According to the British Computer Society, Black women make up less than 1% of the tech workforce in the US and UK. Access to training, skills development and mentorship remains a key obstacle, however, more than 70% of Black Codhers learners have successfully changed careers into tech roles, with the others continuing with education.


According to Google (#IamRemarkable 2020), companies are spending $64 Billion annually replacing employees who have left due to issues with discrimination. Efforts to improve Diversity and Inclusion campaigns are aiding in removing the barriers Black women may experience when recruiting for talent.


The Black Codher Bootcamp which targets Black female talent interested in Software development careers specifically targets this issue head-on by taking on women who would not be able to afford to learn these skills by offering training and providing job readiness for the tech industry for free. This Bootcamp will be specifically targeting women based in the West Midlands and aims to raise aspirations for the women by supporting the Black Codhers learning with mentors who also work as professionals in Goldman Sachs. This will ensure the women are fully immersed in a learning experience that empowers them.


Apply for the Goldman Sachs sponsored Black Codher bootcamp – Black Codher Full Stack Bootcamp – Goldman Sachs

DEADLINE to apply: Monday 28th March 2022