There is a greater demand for 3D and Immersive technology developers than there is a supply. If you are a black woman interested in gaming and Immersive technology, this is for you!


This Bootcamp will bridge the gap by offering upskilling to participants so that they are sector-ready, developing your confidence, attitude, and digital skills to succeed in unity developer roles. The course is designed to put the key focus not only on the execution of interactive and blended learning styles for millennials but to increase the chances of their employment in an industry where there is a significant demand for Immersive Technology skills.

Features of the Accelerator:

  • There are 32 spaces
  • The skills taught will qualify you to work as a Unity developer, interactive applications, games design, and AR & VR developer roles
  • Training is delivered by highly skilled facilitators with up to 15 years of experience
  • Course content is aligned to Industry-specific roles Increase career prospects.
  • All equipment provided
  • Counselling sessions & Childcare support
  • Unity Certification Provided

This will be in an intense course, and the learners will be required to do homework and dedicate time to self-learning to get the most out of the course.

Criteria for Applying:

  1. Age 18 and above
  2. Unemployed or Earning up to  £25,000 p/a or under
  3. Based in the West Midlands